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❝Once you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly, and then send it to ten of your favorite followers ♥❞

Well five nice things about myself:

  1. I care for people alot !!
  2. My voice is very sweet !! LOL !!
  3. I share my things alot with others !!
  4. Red color suits on me !!
  5. I laugh alot on small things !!

It was really hard to think !! Hope they make sense LOL !! By the way thank you so very much for sending this to me !! ♥♥ !!


❝Hey Samra it's merasobti, your reviews are brilliant and so are your gifs! Keep on going <3❞

Thank You so very much !! I am glad that you are liking them !! ♥♥ !!


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Main Tera Hero - Galat Baat Hai !! ♥♥ !!

Main Tera Hero - Shanivaar Raati !! ♥♥ !!


Nazia Hassan (3rd April 1965 - 13th August 2000) !!  !!

Today is the day when this Pakistani legend died at the age of 35 because of Lung Cancer . She is the Sweetheart Of Pakistan !! Nazia was the first Pakistani to win a Filmfare Award and remain the youngest winner of a Filmfare Award in the category of Best Female Playback Singer to date when she was 15. Nazia Hassan is still the symbol of grace, sacred beauty and innocence and is frequently compared to Princess Diana, as she was known to possess a heart of gold. Nazia spent her teenage years between Karachi and London. Using her celebrity status in Pakistan, she created an organization called BAN (Battle against Narcotics) in Karachi to help fight the drugs war. She and her brother Zoheb dedicated their album Camera Camera to BAN and hoped to create drug abuse awareness among the Pakistani youths.

No one is as beautiful as her she is the true legend of Pakistan . Her voice was magical . We’ll always miss you Nazia Hassan . This post is dedicated to you on your 13th Death Anniversary . R.I.P Nazia Hassan. :’(

Segment no.5: Couples - Rohan and Shanaya!! #sotyeditspam #soty #studentoftheyear #VarunDhawan #aliabhatt #bollywood

Happy New Year!

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happy new year!

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